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Founder & President

Sharon was emotionally inspired to create Cocktails Against Cancer by her mom Florence's fourth cancer diagnosis in 2008. She is a friend, sister, cancer-hater, travel-lover, marketer and shop owner, who believes in hard work, choosing happy and Chanel. Also known as Shazza, she can be found toasting with a vodka martini in a Philadelphia bar, or looking for a flight to Paris. Sharon is most proud of being Florence’s daughter.  

Creative Director

Kathy has a love of her craft as a graphic designer, art director and educator. She has done work for brands large and small, and in agency settings, in-house departments, and from the comfort of her home. Kathy’s work has been recognized by Graphis, Art Directors Club Global, and Type Directors Club, to name a few. She teaches advertising design and art direction at Temple University, is proud mom to furry baby Axl, and loves a well made old fashioned. 

Entertainment Director

When not busy organizing fundraising events at his day job, you can often find Tim - or rather his stage persona Stella D'Oro - hosting and entertaining at charity functions around Philadelphia. He's passionate about cooking, red wine and The Office, and strikes a balance between enjoying both true crime documentaries and standup comedy. Tim aspires to someday publish one of the books he wrote during National Novel Writing Month.

Community Outreach Director

An experienced banking and real estate professional for both businesses and individuals, Patrick serves as a Vice President of a local bank. A longtime dweller of Philadelphia, Patrick is an active resident and serves on a number of professional and community focused groups, as well as being a member of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the Independence Business Alliance. When not banking and volunteering, Patrick enjoys the Philly food scene, a dry chardonnay, and traveling to new destinations.

Catering Director

Bill is an attorney and mediation expert in Philadelphia and South Jersey. His practice includes divorce and family law, domestic violence, and post-divorce cases, as well as personal injury, real estate, wills and trusts. Bill is also a nationally recognized speaker on family mediation, and a published author of Reconcilable Differences: A Consumer's Guide to Divorce Mediation. He is a foodie, music fan, at-home chef and can sometimes be seen sipping a delicious manhattan during Sunday brunch.

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